Rosie Rum

My name is Rosie and I run the 4's Program with my team, Viola and Sienna.

Suzie Sunshine

My name is Suzie and I am the Sample Daycare centre head chef. My team includes Julie and Julia.

Melanie Pebbles

My name is Melanie and I run the 3's Program with my team Louisa and Pansy.

Saba Tariq

My name is Saba Tariq and I run the post development and business marketing rol.

Iggy Buttercup

My name is Iggy and I run the 2's Program with my team, Irena and Georgina.


I am playing Admin rol in my business. 


Our mission is to provide best and Lovely Poetry Ghazals Pomes and top Best Articles in the World. In all my Team member work with me. I have 5 Member to perform duty with full responsibility and pist apoetry at daily basis.